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16h30 les samedis
08 et 15 octobre


Duranged (V.O. surtitré)

comédie en langue anglaise

de Christopher Durang

avec Ali Kranser, Allen Blackwell, Raluca Nechita, Elly Norris, Christian Starr-Lassen

mise en scène Raluca Nechita, Elly Norris, Ali Krasner

Our Duranged – a night of one-act plays by Christopher Durang will take the audiences on a funny and absurd ride! Just ask the Rubber Chicken…

Funeral Parlor – A funeral crasher lifts the spirits of a widow by sharing his mourning tips!

Wanda’s Visit – A whacky ex-girlfriend takes a stale marriage on a wild ride.

Kitty the Waitress – A sexy tropical waitress spends her fifth life comforting a gloomy tourist.

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